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​​Logo and packaging design for a new Almond Tea Brand in Taiwan

花果園​ Orchard Farm


Logo design for a Hong Kong local handmade brand selling different kinds of healthy juices, hebal and fruit teas.

Three colours are used in the logo representing Trees, Leaves and Fruits. I merged the shape of a tree into the word 「果」(fruit).

Invitation Card For Lighthouse Limited's 15TH Anniversary


I Proposed this invitation card design for Lighthouse Consultant Limited's 15TH Anniversary. The company's brand colour is the primary colour for the design.

Glossary for Webinar


A series of social media post introducing different vocabularies which are related to webinar.

Presented by Civilian


Logo design for Presneted by Civilian, a Hong Kong studio designing and producing customized accessories

for figures. Their products include stickers and 3D printing parts.

The concepts of the logo is two-dimension representing printed stickers and three-dimension representing 3D printing.
Dark green is used as the branding colour to match the studio's style.
Several Variations are designed for different uses for branding.

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